September 15th, 2015


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I have figured out that if I want to get a parking space--any space, not even a good one--for my morning-ish class, I have to arrive at 11am, which means leaving home at 10:50. Class starts at 11:10.

I am so anal about being on time/not running late that the 20 minute timeframe makes me crazy. My anxiety hasn't kicked in much at all recently, but I felt it on the way to that class. I felt totally irrational. Then I made it to class with 5 minutes to spare and everything was fine. Hopefully I'll get used to it, and as the drop date gets closer, the lot will lighten up some.

We've lost around 6 people in calculus. Maybe 4 in chemistry. Not sure about public speaking... The woman who was sitting next to me didn't show up for our last class. We only meet once a week.

I saw the guy who murdered us all in Diplomacy today. His name is Matt, but since my Matt existed in my world first, I refer to him as Austria. Turns out he's a sociology prof. Glanced into one of the offices on my way out and noticed him.

We had a chemistry lab tonight. Not only do I like my prof more, I also like my new lab partners. Tangela is older... I think she said she got her BS back in 1994. So when I was 5. I didn't mention that, haha. She's an acupuncturist. Very nice. Works well in a group. Then Craig, he was in chem 1 with me, but we never talked. I got him going today--asked if he drove the purple Mustang. Well, it's not purple, it's blue. He knew mine was the foxbody. Ha, Mustang people.

Speaking of the 'stang, I haven't come up with a name for it yet. I keep landing on Bertha.

One of my neighbors yelled "Mustang Sally!" at me in the parking lot the other day. He said some other people would hear my car start up, but they thought it was one of the many Camaros, but "I know it's that Mustang, sounds too good to be a Camaro." Made me laugh. I don't really care about the Mustang v. Camaro debate, but I can appreciate good taste.

Here, have a terrible picture of Bertha.

My pretty baby. I love this car, lol.